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Medina Bicentennial 1818 - 2018

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This 12 month series is about the history of Medina.

A new installment will publish in The Gazette on the first Saturday of every month through November of 2018.

The Gazette and the Bicentennial Committee for the City of Medina is pleased to bring you this ongoing series.

Installment 1: Medina’s Founding Fathers

Installment 2: From frontier settlement to charming rural village

Installment 3: The Phoenix rises

Installment 4: The legacy of H.G. Blake

Installment 5: The Age of Progress – 1880-1950

Installment 6: The war years

Installment 7: Age of Progress 1880-1950

Installment 8: 1880-1950 The Age of Progress

Installment 9: From Village to City: The first wave of postwar growth


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